and so it begins

i arrived in the place of london on the planet called earth to find it mostly populated by an intriguing, herding animal named human.

apparently, i didn’t dress for the weather

human is sentient, but human is not always rational. much of what human does, i don’t really understand. but i do want to understand, because human is amazing. human is incredible. human does awesome things. funny things. brilliant things.

one thing human does is write stuff down and put it on the earth database for other human to see. human documents everything (well nearly everything), from its most important historical, political, social and economic information to what it had for breakfast. human even has a helpful guide for hitchhikers wanting to travel the galaxy, even though from what i can tell human has only been as far as its moon!

anyway, i think this is the thing to do if i want to understand human. i’m going to write everything down. i’m going to write all about human. perhaps clarity will come. perhaps not. we’ll see.

i hope human will respond. i hope human will engage in chitty chat with me. i hope to understand the cattle.


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