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solitude in numbers

this week’s daily post photo challenge invites consideration of ‘solitary’.

what has always impressed me about human is that despite its apparently overriding herding tendencies, individual human has the capacity to stand apart, to express uniqueness, to pursue separate ventures… and adventures. even from within the mass of its community, human is not afraid to seek solitude.

this characteristic is perhaps unique among earth planet animal, many of which usually tend towards one or the other, although i confess i have not had time to study them all…


do a little dance…

well hello human! i’m afraid i’ve been away for a few weeks for a number of rather trivial reasons:
first, my application for indefinite leave to remain posted on the planet called earth and for continued publishing rights granted by the left low council of {!!^/@!*} was subjected to a level of bureaucratic scrutiny that even italian human would be impressed by;
second i have fallen victim to the somewhat counterintuitive human work week (i.e. inexplicably more work days than rest days; why this should be the case when it is not so in the rest of the galaxy is not entirely clear to me, especially when it does not appear that this apportionment of time is reflected in human productivity);
and third, someone pinched my drawing pen.

anyway… imagine my complete and utter surprise at discovering that despite my neglectful absence, one kind human and consistently charming chitty chatterer had not forgotten me, but in fact nominated me for

to be honest, i am not at all sure what this awards business is all about. praise is discouraged on {!!^/@!*} and awards outright forbidden, so i accept this with some trepidation… perhaps the right high council will at least be pacified by the fact that said award comes with a number of arduous duties and responsibilities:

  • write a post and start by thanking the person who nominated you. be sure you link to them, too.
  • share a little something about why you blog (i.e. your blogging journey).
  • paste the addictive blog award on your front page.
  • nominate ten blogs that you are addicted to, link to them in your post and then let each of them know—when you do, be sure to give them the link to the post you just wrote!

post and thanks, check.

share, check.

paste, check.

nominate… um… crikey… ok so here are some interesting human i have been much amused and entertained by on those very few precious rest days allocated by the seemingly malevolent earth central government:
1. live, nerd, repeat (hilarious, first-class nerdery)
2. simple drawings about things that happen (exactly ‘as it says on the tin’)
3. a4man (gloriously observed art in accessible colours and shapes)
4. do not get sick in the sink, please (not really about being sick, but funny nonetheless)
5. california pixie (wonderful photos and the occasional yummy treat)
6. canadian hiking photography (amazing photos, but the paint splash pictures alone justify this human’s nomination)
7. ladders-online (seriously, who would have thought ladders could be so interesting?)
8. buntscheck (more glorious photographs, but of an urban persuasion)
9… um, nope… i don’t have any more.

right, only thing left to do is to do a victory dance!!!!


free spirit: on the road

some are running from what lies behind. others are searching for what lies ahead. many are just there for the journey. in all cases, human finds freedom on the road.

desert road, egypt

see more interpretations of ‘free spirit’ here.

the high heel hobble

being small in stature, i am often confronted with this view:

at first, i found it incredibly odd that human of the female variety would frequently subject itself to such obvious discomfort and imbalance.

but then i did some research into the many different theories on the origin of human on the earth database (most of which are wrong by the way). it seems that female human’s high heel hobble could in fact lend weight to the darwinist theory of evolution.

ye olde earth planet dinosaur

doing the high heel hobble

one tiny human part ii

continuing my studies of subject tiny human, a recent conversation turned out to be particularly illuminating.


don’t touch that, it’s very hot!

tiny human

observation: tiny human’s curiosity should not be underestimated. likewise, its inability to take instruction and overwhelming need to discover something for itself, a trait which appears to persist into adulthood. do not let tiny human anywhere near hot things!

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