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one tiny human part ii

continuing my studies of subject tiny human, a recent conversation turned out to be particularly illuminating.


don’t touch that, it’s very hot!

tiny human

observation: tiny human’s curiosity should not be underestimated. likewise, its inability to take instruction and overwhelming need to discover something for itself, a trait which appears to persist into adulthood. do not let tiny human anywhere near hot things!


closing ceremony chitty chat

the whole purpose of this earth database diary was to try to understand human better by writing everything down and hopefully engaging in chitty chat with human. so far, it’s not going very well. only two human have come with me and neither of them wanted to chitty chat.

so i’ve decided i should think more about the business of chitty chat and have a go at this challenge (it says ‘challenge’, but i think that’s a joke and not actually likely to end in a fight to the death in a pool of what human would say resembles custard, as would be the custom on {!!^/@!*}).

what was i saying?

oh yes, chitty chat. chitty chat and the olympics. has social media changed how i view the olympics?

well, not having viewed the olympics before, i would have to say i can’t really answer that question specifically. although i can say it would have been a very different type of viewing experience without social media. for example, if not for social media, in particular the facebook, i would not have had contemporaneous commentary of the closing ceremony from friend human, which frankly was necessary to (mostly) understand what on the planet was going on! a bloke who belied his name by appearing neither particularly fat nor slim (nor a boy for that matter) emerged from a transparent, luminous octobus (no, that is not a spelling error, but a rather clever conflation of the words ‘octopus’ and ‘bus’)?? the child catcher, having taken on a troop of bedridden children, their nurses and a gaggle of women apparently anticipating rain in the opening ceremony, gave an encore in the guise of russell brand??? even london dwelling human seemed confused.

if not for the facebook, i would not (within minutes of it occurring) have been able to watch that bumbling, madhuman they call mayor dance like a discombobulated {!@**^%} performing a rarely seen mating display over and over and over and over again…(i don’t know, maybe he was trying to flag down the octobus). now that was fun!

what also became apparent is that human’s capacity for chitty chat is vast. not only was there near continuous translation unabashed slating of the ceremony by friend human, but there was even chitty chat about chitty chat.

the real question then is, “at what point does social media stop being something by which human views the entertainment and become the entertainment?”

but coming back to the first question, has social media changed how i view the olympics? yes, as far as i am able to tell. social media provided information about the olympics that i was able to view. social media provided opinion about the olympics that i was able to consider. but most importantly, social media provided a way to share the olympics. for all the bad things that have been said about the closing ceremony, it was hilarious… especially so because of the comments made by friend human. i see now that social media is not just about enabling the experience, it’s about sharing the experience. the clue’s in the title you see? and yes, i suppose we could have tried to get together for… like… real, but i don’t know any london dwelling human who could afford a flat large enough.

>>> please be advised that all names and pictures have been removed to protect the identity of london dwelling friend human.

one tiny human

friend human of mine has a little one, which means i’ve been able to study the behaviour of tiny human more closely. subject tiny human is 3 years in age and of the female variety. i’ve begun to document our conversations for further analysis. this is one:


what are you eating?

tiny human

observation: tiny human is much more straightforward than human.

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