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solitude in numbers

this week’s daily post photo challenge invites consideration of ‘solitary’.

what has always impressed me about human is that despite its apparently overriding herding tendencies, individual human has the capacity to stand apart, to express uniqueness, to pursue separate ventures… and adventures. even from within the mass of its community, human is not afraid to seek solitude.

this characteristic is perhaps unique among earth planet animal, many of which usually tend towards one or the other, although i confess i have not had time to study them all…


free spirit: on the road

some are running from what lies behind. others are searching for what lies ahead. many are just there for the journey. in all cases, human finds freedom on the road.

desert road, egypt

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urban human

london dwelling human spends a lot of time underground. from what i can gather, this is not an unusual state of affairs for urban human because the transport system plays such an integral role in city living and many earth planet cities have developed a network of underground transport tunnels (with varying degrees of success).

so for this week’s daily post photo challenge, i thought i would highlight the underground aspect of urban.

if you would like tips on how to survive underground urban, or indeed if you have any tips to offer, please click over to my post, underground survival.

the many battles of shibuya crossing

where human meets traffic to do daily battle

so many are they that face off against one another at the place they call shibuya. they gather at the lines in patient hoards, not one of them moving before the war cry sounds. they hold.

and when it comes, they surge forward as one; defiantly advancing in vast numbers towards inevitable, clashing calamity. but as they meet, the strangest thing… they merge and then pass, fluidly in choreographed unison.

and when the battle is ended, more gather at the lines to begin the dance again.

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