play nicely policy

there are no pretty pictures here because this is the serious bit.

sit up straight at the back.

chitty chat and debate are encouraged. abuse and intolerance are prohibited. failure to comply with the latter is contrary to section 1032(iv) of the codified communications charter as set out in the intergalactic good relations treaty (the planet called earth having been deemed to have ratified said treaty as a consequence of failing to respond to communications from the right high council of {!!^/@!*} or send a representative to attend consultation or committee meetings).

i will tell on you! invoke the wrath of the underlord of the right high council if you dare.

unless otherwise stated, the written and visual content of this earth database diary is the property of {!!^%*} (aka alienscout or bob) and by extension the left low council of {!!^/@!*} in whom ownership rights in respect of all intellectual property created by any life form originating on {!!^/@!*} were vested by the right high council of {!!^/@!*} during the emergency session called at the time of the great piracy wars. pursuant to section 51 of the proclamation of piracy and plagiarism prevention, sharing of such content on the earth database is permitted only if credit to the author is given and a link to the source provided.


would you like to chitty chat with me?

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